Nov 18, 2022

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Living Space

Admittedly, living in a tiny home can be constricting. Here are five easy ways to increase your living space to help you make your tiny home more comfortable.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

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Making the decision to join the tiny house movement is both exciting and an adjustment period. Not many people are used to living in such a compact home, and they must often adjust their lifestyle to fit more within a tiny home’s limitations. As professional tiny home builders, allow us to suggest five easy ways to increase your living space that will make your tiny home much more comfortable.

Declutter the Space

Many newer tiny homeowners go through a period where they have to trim down how many things they own, simply because there’s not enough space to keep it all. The goal shouldn’t be to keep as much as possible within your home. Instead, endeavor to keep your tiny home tidy, organized, and free of anything you don’t need. A cluttered space will always feel claustrophobic, and just keeping the floor of your home clear of debris will make the space seem much larger.

Take Advantage of Windows

Another easy way to increase your living space is to utilize the windows of your tiny home. Natural lighting is not only more pleasant than artificial lighting, but the natural light you allow to flood every corner of your tiny home can also help eliminate any shadows. Shadows obviously obscure the corners of your home and can cause you to perceive the space as smaller than it actually is.

Get Creative With Storage

Like decluttering, having efficient storage is a key method of keeping your tiny home feeling open and organized. For example, beds are often lofted in tiny homes, and the area underneath the steps up to your loft typically contains shelving or drawers that don’t take up any extra space.

Loft Your Bed

Speaking of which, if your tiny home does not feature a lofted bed, you should strongly consider it. By raising your bed, you create a lot more opportunities for extra space in your tiny home—all while allowing yourself to have as big a bed as you like.

Utilize the Outdoors

Finally, don’t neglect the outdoor space around your tiny home. Having the ability to enjoy the exterior of your home will help ensure you don’t feel like you’re trapped within the space of your tiny home. While tiny homes don’t typically have decks or patios, setting up a small space outside where you can relax will help make the outside of your tiny home feel like an extension of your living space.

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