Garages, Workshops & Outbuildings

Johnston Contracting Services offers various types of custom prefabricated structures, such as: garden sheds, loafing sheds, play sheds, garages and carports. These structures are custom built and designed to meet each individuals needs according to ones taste. With our ability to prefabricate smaller structures like these it ensures a quality product for the customer. These structures vary in size and design giving them each a unique look to set your structure apart from the competition.

Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds are a perfect place to store all your essential gardening tools. JCS offers a full line of garden sheds with various window and door layouts, and roof lines to meet all standards.

Play Sheds

Play Sheds built by JCS are a great investment for kids. They provide a covered area outside where your children can go and play. Rain or shine, there’s a place for the kids to go have some fun. They come in many different sizes and are designed to be unique to ones taste.


Carports are key when it comes to having a covered area to get away from the elements. They are perfect for storing your car, boat, and/or RV. JCS has the ability to prefabricate any size carport and have it custom designed for the customer.

Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds are ideal for small to large animals. A loafing shed provides shelter for you and your animals during harsh weather. They are designed with an optional sled kit to enable you to move the structure to different areas of the property. This eliminates disease causing mud holes, overgrown foliage, and allows for proper cleaning. 


Garages come in many different sizes. JCS has the ability to offer custom garages to meet the needs of our customers, so there are no limits when it comes to how you want your garage designed. A garage is essential to everyday living, whether you’re parking your car in it or running a business out of it; they’re a must have.

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You have to look at your bottom line, and the bottom line is that you save money with components. You pay more for a truss, but you can put it in so much faster. Time and man power are very difficult to come by. Using components you can take the same man power and do so much more work.

Ray Wilder, Wilder Construction, Middlesboro, KY