Residential Prefabricationtest

JCS Specializes in pre-fabrication of residential and commercial structures. The in house design team "Builds Green" through efficient design, and fabrication in a controlled environment.

Modern_Dwelling_1On-Site Framing is a thing of the past. The newer, more efficient way to build a custom home is to use prefabricated wall panels. By using this method of building, a home can be constructed in 1/3 less time compared to traditional stick-framing.

Having the wall panels prefabricated off site in a controlled environment by our in house team ensures a more superior quality product before it arrives. Once delivered, the wall panels go up within a blink of an eye and before you know it your custom home is built and ready to move in.

Rear_photo_1Modern Dwelling "H" style was produced for Modern Shed and is a great example of a start to finish build.  Designed, manufactured, and shipped from Washington State to Dallas, Texas.

This 2064 sq. ft. home offers concrete floor, Pine tongue and groove ceiling liner prefinished, modern cement lap siding, rain screen siding, prefinished Cedar 4" horizontal siding, and fiberglass windows and doors.  This design also offered a matching carport with Cedar, large gluelam beams, and matching roof pitch.

Building with components, I went from having 25 men to 8 men on the job site, and I doubled my dollar value. Every hour I take out of the field decreases my liability, overhead, and workers' compensation. There's no trash to pick up. A clean jobsite makes a safe jobsite. I was a firm believer in stick framing for years, but I'll never go back.

Rick Thompson, Rick Thompson & Sons, Princeton, IL