Installation Services & Delivery

JCS has the ability to ship nationwide via commercial carrier or with our own fleet of delivery vehicles. This allows us to reach confined job sites and the ability to hand unload. Small and most larger structures can be crated and shipped via commercial carrier with some design provisions.

If you have a challenging job site, we have our own fleet of trucks and various trailers that will do the job. This option allows smaller prefabricated panels to be moved into a confined job site by hand, eliminating the cost of an over-head crane for installation.

Johnston Contracting Services uses both in-house assembly crews and has a list of approved contractors we work with for installation of any structure. With a hand delivery service, that crew is more than equipped to install your structure.

Local Shipping

When shipping locally or shipping a small structure, Johnston Contracting Services uses its own fleet of delivery vehicles. Shipping time varies depending where the structure is being shipped to.


Commercial Shipping

Commercial shipping is used when shipping larger structures. Shipping via commercial carrier is essential when shipping across the country.

Panelized Wall Systems reduce the effect on the environment by reducing:

  • On-site waste
  • Amount of lumber used during manufacturing
  • Soil disturbance on job-site
East Coast Panelized Wall Systems