Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions and our go-to answers.


  • What is a Build System? 
    A building system is an engineered construction method that produces buildings or building components in an efficient cost-effective manner.  The manufacturers of building systems seek to build the highest quality production in a controlled setting, limiting exposure to adverse elements.  The Building Systems Councils of NAHB (See info page) recognize the interests of the builders, manufactures and suppliers of concrete, log, modular, and panelized homes.
  • Who Uses Building systems? 
    Home Owners, Builders, Contractors, DIY, Architects, General Contractors, Designers.  These building methods are most common in residential and mid-rise building construction. To use a coin phrase "Time is Money", more builders are incorporating systems into there process simply for the savings in time over the course of a project.
  • How are Panelized Homes Built?
    Panelized homes begin as components (Walls, Roof, etc.) that are designed, engineered (If required) and assembled in a controlled factory environment.  Once  manufactured these components can be shipped to the job site via ground transport or ship depending on location where the local builder takes over.  The builder at that time can add customization to the home such as, decks, patios, masonry, and more.
  • How long does it take to build a panelized home? 
    Because of the manufacturing process and ease of assembly, a panelized home can be finished in a short amount of time.  Once all the materials for construction are received, a manufacturer can turn-around a 2500 square foot home in a few days.  Assembly on site takes only a day or two as well regardless of size of home.
  • Does using a building system affect the quality of a Home?
    Yes, for the better!  The components are built to the same local building code as stick-built homes, and these systems often exceed the building codes.  The components have to withstand ground transportation so manufacturers have to reinforce accordingly to ensure the product reaches it's destination and still maintains the high quality standards expected from the customer.  In the case of mid-rise construction and some residential construction, walls and roof panels are inspected by a third party company during the build process. This documentation is submitted to the local jurisdiction to eliminate on-site inspection and "Surprises" during your walk through.
  • How much design flexibility comes with system build homes?
    There is a great deal of flexibility dependent on the shell of the structure.  With consideration to engineering, plans can be adapted to the needs of the customer.  Most manufacturers have a portfolio of standard floor plans with a variety of personalization options.  With the advent of CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs home buyers can work closely with their manufacturer to design their dream home. 
  • Who will finance a panelized built home?
    Just about anyone! Since the homes are built to the same codes as stick-built homes, most banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. In fact some lenders have established departments specifically for different construction method built homes.  Similarly, there's no difference in insuring a panelized built property.
  • What are the cost benefits of a panelized wall system from JCS?
    Owners of panelized homes can see a savings up front and throughout the life of the home.  We use best practice construction techniques, combined with ACAD to see that our customer's homes and buildings are built with the minimum of excess waste and labor.  When the panels are delivered to the site, they are erected in much less time than stick-built, greatly reducing potential danger of inclement weather, theft, and workplace vandalism.

    Labor savings:                                                 Man Hours to Frame
                                        Stick built walls                          93 hrs
                                        Panelized walls                          26.5 hrs

Faster use, faster income. Obviously, the quicker a building can be open for use or as a profit center, particularly in the case of a hotel, motel or even a home, the faster the builder or owner will begin receiving value from that property.

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