Commercial Prefabrication

101 Kirkland, Kirkland, WA
101 Kirkland, Kirkland, WA

JCS Specializes in pre-fabrication of residential and commercial structures. The in-house design team "Builds Green" through efficient design, and fabrication in a controlled environment.

Some examples of our work include: Mid-Rise Prefab, 8'x14' Display Trailer, and 32' Display Trailer

Prefabricated wall panels are finally becoming the building method of choice for mid-rise buildings.  With minimal lay down space for materials and framing on a job site, panels are the only answer.  Competitive with traditional framing costs, buildings go up in 1/3 less time, with a lower moisture content due to less exposure to the weather.

Walls are ACAD designed to eliminate fitment issues and have all structural elements contained within them, compression studs for hold downs, posting, shear, and different stud spacing are just a few of the different factors.

These display trailers were produced under a tight timeline for the Lexus traveling road show that toured the United States.  Housed in these trailers were Wired, and Dwell Magazine's. The Design intent was to replicate the look of a Modern Shed, which could be relocated in a timely, efficient manner, with minimal setup.

The trailers were purchased locally, disassembled, and adapted to meet the design intent.  The roof was removed and sloped, a metal window wall was fabricated to stiffen the structure, support the windows and doors as well as a deck to be added on site.  Finishes include cement board siding, Maple plywood, rubber and cork flooring, LED lights, tracking lighting, exterior RV plug and outlets within.

32 ft. Display Trailers_Custom 32 ft. Cargo Trailer
Trailers produced for Wired and Dwell Magazine


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Prefabrication has the capacity to redefine the expectations of those involved in the construction industry. We can achieve higher quality, more affordable, and more energy efficient houses at an amazing speed.

Architect Alan Dickson (Dwell Magazine Dec/Jan 2013)