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Since 2002, to a leader in pre-fabricated design and building for custom large and small structures, Johnston Contracting Services Inc. has provided refined designs with the latest advancements in material technology and product offerings.  The use of ACAD programs allows JCS to offer a superior, well thought out design to meet the ever changing needs of customers and site conditions.

Passion and design go nowhere without being attentive to customers' situations.  We hold the highest expectations for our finished products.  We are driven by timeless design and superior craftsmanship.

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Are you optimistic about the future of prefab?

"I think prefab, as we understood it years ago, was naive, because I thought about prefabricated components, I mean parts of the entire home, and shipping them. I think transporting is a big obstacle that prefab today is likely going in the direction of components of the house assembled. I think that that's more like the car industry, which also transformed. It, today, makes parts all over the place and then assembles them. So it's changing as we speak, prefab."

Architect Moshe Sadie (Dwell Magazine Dec/Jan 2013)