Nov 3, 2022

What Makes a House Craftsman Style?

As one of the most popular designs for homes tiny and traditional, what makes a house Craftsman style? Here are the defining features and elements.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

What Makes a House Craftsman Style?

In the United States, Craftsman style has remained one of the most popular housing designs since the 19th century. For that reason, the Craftsman style has been translated over to tiny homes in order to offer a fashionable, but affordable, alternative housing option. This allows Craftsman-style homes and other buildings to be accessible and retain the high quality that other styles of homes have to offer. That being said, what makes a house Craftsman style? Here are the defining features and design elements.

What Is a Craftsman Home?

The Craftsman style emphasizes horizontal lines and heavily features natural materials and colors. This, in turn, creates the feeling of a home that has been lovingly handcrafted despite the fact your tiny home is prefabricated into modular pieces. The primary feature of a tiny home in the Craftsman style is a low-pitched gable roof that features exposed beams. This creates an overhang in front of your tiny home that creates an attractive accent and also offers front-door shelter from the weather.

The Craftsman style has seen a plethora of revivals and interpretive spins that gives this design plenty of wiggle room for customization. However, in contrast to the mass production of the Industrial Revolution, the overriding feature of anything built in the Craftsman style is that it must look handcrafted, never cookie cutter or factory produced.

Exterior Aesthetic Appeal

Featuring an emphasis on natural materials, the Craftsman style has an innate beauty that stresses a more rustic look that is in tune with nature. These little buildings look right at home at the edge of the woods or in a quiet clearing.

Interior Design

In traditional homes, the Craftsman style is known for providing spacious interiors. While a Craftsman-style tiny home is, naturally, tiny, the clean lines and minimalism of a Craftsman design can help make your tiny home feel just a little bit roomier. The natural elements of the materials make the interior just as attractive as the exterior.


What truly makes a house Craftsman style is its sustainability. Traditional Craftsman homes already use fewer resources to build and less energy to keep operating. Pair this with the fact that tiny homes are made from recycled materials that can be reused again and again, and you’ll see that Craftsman-style sheds, studios, and homes have a very small carbon footprint.

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