Sep 28, 2021

Permanent vs. Temporary Commercial Prefab Office Building

Modular buildings provide many unique options, but what are some of the benefits of permanent versus temporary commercial prefab office buildings?

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

Permanent vs. Temporary Commercial Prefab Office Building

Along with providing a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option with the same quality as traditional office buildings, commercial prefab office buildings provide the option of being permanent or temporary. But what are the benefits of either of these options? Let’s look at permanent versus temporary commercial prefab office buildings to get a better sense of what would work best for your business.

The Assembly Process

First, let’s elaborate on what makes modular buildings so different from traditional buildings, as a permanent modular building may seem indistinguishable without this knowledge. The key difference is that modular homes are pre-built in pieces and shipped to the site. This makes construction a much faster and more efficient process while maintaining a high level of quality. Each individual piece or module is lifted by a crane, then connected to a foundation so that it can act like any other building.

Temporary Buildings

Modular buildings are perfect if you need to conduct business in a certain area away from your main building or need to relocate your business. These temporary modular buildings will always be designed to last longer than your intended use, so you never have to worry about deteriorating conditions. This is a much more cost-efficient method of housing your business while more permanent offices are being built. Not only do you have to rent or purchase a more expensive, traditional building, but the building will be disassembled after you’re done with it so that you never have to worry about paying for or selling the building.

Permanent Buildings

Now we look at permanent buildings versus temporary commercial prefab office buildings. Permanent modular buildings are great for small businesses that need a cost-effective building that meets the same codes and requirements as traditional buildings. Designed to any shape, size, or configuration, a modular building can be a permanent building if you enjoy the same utilities with lower costs and a greener footprint. Other industries that can make use of permanent modular buildings include scientific and healthcare labs as well as quickly growing office-based companies that need a solution to an influx of employees.

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