May 10, 2021

The Best Locations for Tiny Homes

Considering a tiny home but don’t know the best place to buy one? These are the best locations for tiny homes, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Posted by: Amanda Team

The Best Locations for Tiny Homes

While the tiny house movement has been progressively gaining steam for many, they still may be a rare sight in some areas. If you’re interested in building or buying your own tiny home, we can recommend the best locations for tiny homes where your house will feel right at home.


Not to display our bias, but there’s a reason we set up shop outside of Seattle, Washington. Seattle has experienced a crisis in housing and affordability, prompting many residents to downsize to something more manageable for their budget. The answer to this has been the rapid production of new tiny homes for sale within the Seattle area that are more reasonably priced without sacrificing quality. As a bonus, we’re located nearby should you ever require professional maintenance to your tiny home.


The next best location for tiny homes is in Oregon, as they’re notably popular in cities known for the arts, such as Portland. Like Seattle, housing in Portland is rising in demand and price, so if you desire to live in Portland, looking toward tiny homes may be ideal. These homes allow you to save money while getting a better living situation than you’d get in apartments of the same price.


Back in 2014, Spur, Texas, declared itself to be the first tiny home-friendly community. Whether this claim is true or not, it has since sparked a progressive growth in tiny homes throughout Texas. This boom is due to how plentiful and affordable land is within the state. Additionally, Texas boasts progressive zoning regulations for tiny homes that many other states do not have. Whether you prefer the quiet life of Spur or the bustling city of Austin, you’ll have plenty of options for your tiny home.

North Carolina

For those of you over on the East Coast, North Carolina is the place you want to look toward. Featuring multiple tiny house communities, you’ll have no trouble finding a home of your own. The major benefit of North Carolina is that expenses like real estate taxes, lawn service, water and sewer fees, tree care, and basic cable are all conveniently rolled into the land lease.

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