Apr 22, 2021

A Few Different Maintenance Tips for Tiny Homes

While much more manageable in scope, it’s still helpful to know a few different maintenance tips for tiny homes. Allow us to teach you some.

Posted by: Amanda Team

A Few Different Maintenance Tips for Tiny Homes

Modern prefab tiny homes are growing as a more affordable and flexible option for new homeowners. These economical abodes are far more manageable in terms of repair and upkeep; however, if you’re inexperienced in this area, it helps to know a few different maintenance tips for tiny homes. Allow us to provide that helping hand.

Heating and Cooling

While rising in popularity, tiny homes are still a relative oddity to the general public. This can make repairs and replacements more difficult, as repairmen aren’t as familiar with the systems of tiny homes, and your home may need custom parts and systems to fit its smaller size. Some preventative maintenance you can make is regularly changing out the air filters and fine-tuning the system. Even if you must call a repairman, it’s much cheaper to have them only inspect and tweak the system than having to make major repairs and replacements.

Plumbing and Waste

Plumbing can be tricky at times depending on whether your tiny home is built on a foundation or made to be mobile. If built on a foundation, your plumbing should be similar to that of traditional homes, and some maintenance tasks you can perform include ensuring drains don’t become clogged, measuring the water pressure, and inspecting pipes and faucets for leaks.

If your tiny home is mobile, then you’ll need to know how to dispose of waste. Many mobile tiny homes are like RVs in that they have a holding tank. This holding tank uses little water, but you will need to empty and clean blackwater.

Appliances and Utilities

To accommodate the small size of tiny homes, many of the necessary appliances such as refrigerators or stoves are custom-made to be smaller to fit into the home. This customization makes them more expensive to acquire should you require a replacement, so it’s a good idea to regularly inspect and keep your appliances in their best condition to extend their lifespan.

Now that you know a few different maintenance tips for tiny homes, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions about your home and how to best take care of it.

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