Mar 10, 2022

Prefabricated Garage Kits vs. Custom-Built Garages

Providing shelter for your vehicles is necessary to protect them, so let’s compare prefabricated garage kits versus custom-built garages to help you decide.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

Prefabricated Garage Kits vs. Custom-Built Garages

When it comes to building a shelter for your vehicles or providing extra storage for your home, a garage is a great addition. A question you may have, however, is whether you should invest in a garage and shed kit or have a garage custom-built for your home. Let’s compare the pros and cons of prefabricated garage kits versus custom-built garages.

Prefabricated Garages

Prefabrication is all about efficiency and convenience without sacrificing quality. The pieces of a prefabricated garage are created in a factory before you even order, and someone selects the appropriate pieces and brings them out to your home. The individual pieces are assembled together to create a garage as good as any other. If you’d prefer a DIY job, prefab garages aren’t at all complicated to assemble and don’t require any special tools or expertise.

Notably, prefab garages are not rooted in your property. This can be a pro or a con, as it allows you to move your garage, if necessary, but this also means the garage doesn’t come with a foundation. A good solution is a concrete slab and footing that can hold the garage in place.

Custom Built Garages

Custom-built garages, in contrast, are typically more durable and allow you to have greater control over the design between the foundation, flooring, and other materials used in its construction. As a result, these garages require a lot more time, resources, and money to be completed. They are, however, firmly rooted in a foundation and will be a good way to add value to your home.

Choosing Between the Two

So, between prefabricated garage kits versus custom-built garages, which should you choose? It largely depends on your circumstances, but the affordable and efficient option is typically the prefabricated garage. Johnston Contracting Services endeavors to bridge the gap by building our prefabricated garages with the quality necessary to match the durability of custom-built garages. Furthermore, we try to ensure you still have some creative control over your garage by offering a variety of design options for you to choose from as you shop.

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