Jan 7, 2022

5 Reasons To Have Your Own Backyard Studio

For those with extra space, a backyard studio is a fantastic addition to any property. Here are five reasons to have your own backyard studio.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

5 Reasons To Have Your Own Backyard Studio

Making additions to your home and property is always a net positive, and some of the most popular additions have been decks, porches, swimming pools, and other projects that don’t require a major renovation of the home. As such, one of the most recent rising trends is the addition of prefab backyard studios. Here are five reasons to have your own backyard studio added to your property.

Property Value

The first and foremost benefit of a backyard studio is that it adds to the overall value of your property. This is especially true when the addition is as high-quality as our backyard studios and is capable of operating as another living space in addition to an amenity. This boost in value isn’t just valuable for people looking to sell, however, as it can also help you when leveraging your property against a loan, for example. As a long-term investment, this is one of your best options.

Utility Uses

Another good reason to have your own backyard studio is how versatile it can be. In fact, a major contributor to the rise in backyard studios is people working from home using it as a backyard office shed. Many people intend to make working remotely more permanent, and a backyard studio gives them a comfortable place to complete their work and maintain a degree of separation between their work and private life.

Providing Care

As we mentioned, these studios are capable of operating as another living space. As such, you can use this space as a guest house. This is especially beneficial if you are caring for family members but need more space or would like to give them a greater sense of privacy and independence by providing them with their own space.

Easy Maintenance

You’ll find maintaining a backyard studio relatively easy to care for. Obviously, it’s not the largest building, so it does not take long to give it a thorough cleaning, but the high-quality construction of the studio ensures that these buildings are sturdier and more resistant to weather, wear, and tear than traditional sheds. If your backyard studio ever becomes irreparably damaged, you can easily swap the damaged piece out with an identical component, thanks to the modular nature of our studios.

Affordable Pricing

Of course, price is always a concern worth considering. That modular construction we spoke of plays a big role in keeping these studios affordably priced while still incorporating high-quality materials. Each studio is prefabricated, meaning that the individual components are manufactured before you even order a studio. This ensures construction is easy and quick, as the components essentially snap into place, reducing the amount of labor necessary.

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