Aug 5, 2021

How To Downsize When Moving into a Tiny Home

One of the challenges of moving from a traditional house to a tiny home is slimming down your belongings. Here’s how to downsize when moving into a tiny home.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre


Choosing to move into a tiny home from a traditional one is nothing short of a major lifestyle change—something to commend! While custom-built modular homes consider your needs and wants, one of the largest challenges when making this change is cutting down on the number of material goods you have. Here are some ideas on how to downsize when moving into a tiny home.

Packing Parties

While not exactly a “party” in the truest sense of the word, the idea here is to pack up your home as if you were getting ready to move out. To make this process easier, you’ll typically invite friends over who are willing to help. You can offer them food and drink to remove the monotony of the process.

Afterward, you’ll only unpack the items you need over the next few weeks. It shows you what belongings are considered essential and which ones are not. You can remove anything from your belongings that you haven’t unpacked in those few weeks.

Start With One Room

Another method of downsizing when moving into a tiny home is to break down the workload. Going through everything you own at once may feel overwhelming, so instead, focus on sorting through rooms one by one to get rid of unnecessary items. This will make it easier to see the impact you have on the decluttering process.

If there are rooms that are still too overwhelming, you can break them into even smaller parts. Focus on one “category” at a time—such as sorting through your books, clothes, and so on.

Downsize Gradually

A less stressful way to declutter is to commit to getting rid of one item a day. This saves you from the stress of having to sort out entire rooms and manage large amounts of clutter, though it will take longer to downsize to the point where you’re ready to move into your tiny home. However, this makes it more painless to let go, as it’s easier to get rid of one thing at a time than it is to throw out most of your possessions all at once.

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