Jun 8, 2021

Why Prefab Studio Offices Make Great Work-From-Home Spaces

Feel like you’re going mad trying to keep your work and private life separate? Here’s why prefab studio offices make great work-from-home spaces.

Posted by: Amanda Team

It’s been over a year since the pandemic started, and you may be feeling a little stir-crazy trying to work from home while trying to prevent it from invading your personal life when you haven’t had much anywhere to go. To help you survive the rest of the pandemic here’s why prefab studio offices make great work-from-home spaces. Reclaim your private life and leave work elsewhere and out of sight.

Provides an Escape


A prefab studio office will provide an escape in two ways. First, at the end of a long workday, you’ll be able to put down your pen, pencil, or keyboard and call it a day. All your work will be kept in one place and ready for when you return to it, but it will also be out of sight—and thus out of mind—while you’re enjoying your free time back home. However, the quarantine has kept us all home for a long time. A studio office in the backyard will let you get away from your home for a time to avoid feeling as if you’ve been imprisoned and instead get a small change in scenery.

Avoids Distractions

If you don’t live alone, your family or roommates are likely hanging around the house trying to live their lives. This, along with temptations like the television or your hobbies, can make for a seriously distracting work environment. With a studio office, you’ll keep yourself focused and on-task by removing distractions entirely. The studio office will be a sanctuary conducive to your work and make work easier for you.

Recreate Your Routine

This may sound a little odd, but a good reason why prefab studio offices make great work-from-home spaces is that they’ll help you recreate the routine you had when you commuted to your office every day. You’ll wake up consistently, get through your morning routine, and leave for work—even if it’s just into your backyard. More importantly, this routine will make sure you’re only working eight hours a day. A common issue people have with working at home is that they actually spend far more time working in the day than they should, leading to burnout and excessive stress.

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