Jun 23, 2019

A Picture of Versatility: Five Uses For Your Coast Studio

If your backyard is big enough and you have some money to spend, a Coast Studio may be for you! While many people may only see it as being something for an artist or writer, a prefab backyard studio can have many uses. Below is a list of some of the ways you could utilize your backyard office:


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backyard officeWorkout Center

Whether you do not have the basement or garage space to devote to exercise, or you have some other idea about what to use your space for, a backyard workout center could be perfect for you! Maybe you do not like having an audience (Spouse, kids, unexpected visits from the in-laws, etc.) while they work out. Some people like to be away from the distractions of everyday life while they are trying to do their yoga. Perhaps you simply like a quiet atmosphere while you exercise. If any of these sound like you, you might want to look into a prefab outdoor office for your workout area. 

Remote Office

Do you have that one annoying, hyper co-worker who always has too much coffee and is trying to have a conversation with you while you have about an hour left before you want to leave? Do you have to pick your kids up from school, and do not get anything done in your home office because of their noise? Do you prefer a work atmosphere different from that at work? Whether any of these describe your work life, or you simply work from home full-time, a prefab backyard office could be perfect for you. You can move all your things from your in-home office out to your backyard office, so they can be organized how you like them. You can set your kids loose in the backyard and keep an eye on them through the window if you would like. Turn on your favorite music or podcast and get the atmosphere that you want in your quaint studio, every time (Co-worker free!).

Artist's Studio

Are you an amateur artist with an in-home studio? Is it hard to paint, sketch, or draw with distracting noise around you? Are you tired of people moving/knocking over your things? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may want to look into a backyard office for an art studio. If you are looking at a Modern-Shed, the typical size is 10x12 feet, plenty of room for all your art supplies along with a sizable work area. Soon, you will be able to paint in peace, put your things wherever you please, and produce the quality of work that you previously could not due to distractions. Turn on your music, and have fun!


Whether you enjoy working on cars, small machinery, building things out of wood, or anything else requiring a workshop, you need a work space. Tools have to be organized, projects have to dry, and a little breathing room can go a long way. While work shops are often relegated to the garage or the basement, those spaces might be better utilized for other uses. Plus, a backyard workshop would allow projects to be easily transported, instead of you having to carry heavy wood projects up flights of stairs all the time. You could pull your car up next to the studio, if there is room, and have all your tools accessible (Instead of rifling through your garage). Overall, a building dedicated to being a workshop can streamline your work.

Guest Room

If most of your home is already utilized, but you want to keep your guests close, a prefab backyard office could be the perfect small guest house. Considering a queen bed is about 5 feet wide and a little less than 7 feet long, you could easily turn your 120 square foot backyard studio into a cozy guest room. Even a minimalistic structure could potentially include a small bathroom for your guests, along with their own coffee maker, TV, and recliner. Just make sure they still want to come in and visit in your actual home!

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