Mar 31, 2019

Eight Ways to Make an Inspiring Backyard Studio

Whether you work at home full time or just occasionally have time to dabble in your favorite hobby, it’s great to have a dedicated space for you to do your thing. Maybe you don’t think that interruptions, foot traffic, mail all over the counter, and dishes in the sink don’t really bother you at this point...but if you try a nook that’s yours and yours alone, there’s absolutely no way you’ll ever go back! Here are eight ways to set up an inspiring backyard studio.


Posted by: Coast Studios

backyard studioHere are eight ways to set up an inspiring backyard studio.


1. Adopt a Professional Frame of Mind 

Make this rule for yourself: when you walk into your backyard studio, you are at work. Your focus is on the objectives you have set for yourself in the time that you have allotted to accomplish your goals. Your transition time is walking from the house to your studio. Once you’re there, you are ready to go! 

2. Eliminate Interruptions 

It is imperative to eliminate interruptions. Period. The limited time you have must be productive. That is impossible if you are distracted by extraneous matters. Reschedule your home office work time if there are too many other things going on. But working for an hour uninterrupted should be possible. You won’t believe how much you will be able to accomplish!

3. Find a Great Chair 

You need a cozy reading chair where you can put your feet up. You can sketch there, sip a cup of tea, get a new idea, or make an outline. It’s a different mindset from your work desk and chair (which you also need). 

4. Get the Lighting Just Right 

Be kind to your eyes! Make sure to avoid glare or dingy corners. If you are doing artwork, you will probably need a studio light as well as lamps. 

5. Make Sure the Air Flow is Good 

In order to do your best work, you need to be warm enough in the cold weather and cool enough in the hot weather. So plan for that. And make sure you can breath; nothing kills inspiration like stuffiness!

6. Avoid Clutter at All Costs! 

Clutter is a trigger for anxiety. Keep your area streamlined, just like you’re keeping your mind clear and free of clutter. 

7. Feature the Window 

We all know that windows are inspiring. Make sure that you position your furniture so that you can take advantage of the window in your backyard trailer. A window in your home office will open your mind!

8. Use Every Inch Efficiently 

The physical setup of your backyard office is extremely important. Your area does not have to be huge, thanks to innovative technologies of construction; in fact, there is one size that is the most popular: that is the 10 x 12 size Modern-Shed home office. This is plenty of space for a desk area, a comfy reading chair, a coffee station, table and lamp, and a bookcase. Just make sure your personality shines through in your quaint studio! 


The backyard studio and prefab studio trends have risen in popularity. It’s great to be productive without a long commute and without family distractions. Being close to home is great, but having a dedicated workplace of one’s own is also great. With a home office that is in a backyard studio, you can have the best of both worlds!

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