Feb 27, 2019

Perfectly Prefabricated: 3 Ways You Can Benefit From Prefab Construction

With prefab backyard studio kits, you'll be able to discover peace and quiet easier than you'd ever imagined.

Posted by: Coast Studios

backyard studio kitsIn this hectic world we live in, finding a moment to ourselves can be exceptionally difficult. From career demands to family needs, it always feels like you're frantically trying to keep up with a schedule designed to leave you one step behind. By building a backyard office or investing in an affordable backyard studio, you'll be able to take a break from the nonstop hustle and bustle. Just one question remains: should you have it built onsite or prefabricated ahead of time? Here are three reasons why the latter is a better option.

Cost-effective: Because production occurs on an assembly line, you are able to save on labor costs while also providing a more efficient construction process that takes less time. Additionally, manufacturers are able to save money by buying their materials in bulk, which saves you money down the line. In total, a prefabricated addition can save between 20% and 40% compared to an interior remodel.

Eco-friendly: Fewer materials are needed when building modular structures, resulting in less waste overall. Even the pros support this claim -- approximately 83% of contractors agree that construction waste is significantly reduced due to prefabrication. Since green living is at the forefront of society's interest, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your backyard studio shrank your carbon footprint.

Faster: Backyard studio kits are just that -- kits. All the pieces are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces, saving time and energy in the actual construction. Compared to an entire renovation, which can take months and disrupt your day to day life, modular studios take between two days and one week to build. Even better, you won't be interrupted by dangerous or inclement weather; because all prefabricated buildings are constructed indoors ahead of time, what's going on outside has no impact on their schedule. Time really is money these days, so the quicker a project can be completed, the better!

With prefab backyard studio kits, you'll be able to discover peace and quiet easier than you'd ever imagined. Whether you prefer minimalist structure or American craftsman style, your quaint studio will be the retreat you've always needed.

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