Nov 2, 2021

Minimalistic Décor That You’ll Want in Your Tiny Home

To best complement your tiny home lifestyle, take a look at some of the minimalist décor that you’ll want in your tiny home to make it really feel like home.

Posted by: Amanda Delatorre

Minimalistic Décor That You’ll Want in Your Tiny Home

The tiny home movement has been gaining momentum as tiny prefab house manufacturers bring the quality and luxuries of traditional homes to far more affordable housing alternatives. Because tiny homes are such a smaller space, however, it’s important you rethink how you decorate your home to make it as welcoming and cozy as possible. Here are a few examples of minimalist décor that you’ll want in your tiny home.

Floating Nightstands
When you’re working with such limited space, every square foot of floor space is precious. Floating nightstands will give you the convenience of a bedside table and storage while saving space underneath. That space can then be used to have a bedside trash can or other little conveniences. Because these nightstands are fastened to the wall, you’ll be able to place them anywhere you desire.

Simple Picture Frames
When hanging pictures or art on your wall, one of the best tips for minimalistic décor that you’ll want in your tiny home is simple framing. Frames that are too extravagant or colorful can be incredibly distracting in such a limited space. Simple, sleek frames will not take away from the picture you intend to hang up, nor will it always be just in your peripheral vision—especially if you’re hanging multiple photos up in close proximity.

Frame Windows With Lights
To provide both effective and atmospheric lighting for your tiny home, using faerie and other similar lights that frame your windows will be just perfect. Natural lighting during the day and soft lighting in the evening will help you relax and wind down at the end of the day without being too overbearing. As a bonus, these lights consume very little energy, so you’ll be saving plenty of money and benefiting the environment.

Choosing a Wall Color
When it comes to painting your tiny home’s walls, it’s highly recommended you choose lighter and warmer colors. Lighter colors are better at reflecting light so that natural lighting will be more than sufficient for thoroughly lighting your tiny room and making it feel a bit larger when there are no shadows. White is the most ideal, but any warm, light color will do the job.

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